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Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair -Words Of Wisdom And Hope- CD

Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair -Words Of Wisdom And Hope- CD

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The line of musicians waiting to work with Jad Fair goes around the block. But you can see the line move; such is the prolific nature of the subdued dude.

Words of Wisdom and Hope is, not surprisingly, exactly the sum of its parts. Teenage Fanclub is probably the purest pop act to get involved with Fair, and the result is easily the most straightforward album to have his name on it in some time, possibly ever.

Please note, though, that this doesn't mean it's particularly polished. The Glasgow natives contributed melodic intervention, but with a garage-like spontaneity to it. This perfectly matches Fair's geeky yet sincere declarations of having a "Crush on You," and similar declarations on other love odes such as "Near to You" and "Cupid." The disc is refreshing and endearing, a must-own for aficionados of either artist.

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