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The Duke Robillard Band - They Called It Rhythm & Blues - CD

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Anyone who knows Duke’s music, will immediately smile at the first few seconds
of the opening track “Here I’m Is” from the new album They Called It Rhythm
& Blues. It’s that joyous jump-blues shuffle sound that Duke has been perfecting since the late 60s.

Indeed, every song on this generous 18-song album is about the groove, master
musicianship, great understated taste and a perfect band mix that always
complements the pulse and the singer. Duke’s guitar is at the centre and brings
it all together.

For a lifetime Duke Robillard has been playing the jazzy corners of the blues.
He was a founder of Roomful of Blues in the early 1970s, and replaced Jimmy
Vaughan in the Fabulous Thunderbirds in the 1990s and was a core member of
the New Guitar Summit through the 2000s, in addition to releasing an astounding
37 albums on his own. He has won the W.C. Handy Award as Best Blues Guitarist
an astounding four times, and been nominated for two Best Blues Album
Grammy Awards. He is credited with