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The Grid / Fripp - Leviathan - 2LP

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2LP - 200 Gram - UK Import

Though not intended as such, in some respects "Leviathan" and its creators represent between them one version of the history of British electronic music.

In 1973, the curiosity of a significant chunk of the King Crimson and Roxy Music fan bases ropelled Fripp & Eno's "No Pussyfooting" into many thousands of homes where no such recording had previously registered a single sleeve, much less a gatefold. By the early 80s, Dave Ball and Marc Almond's Soft Cell were at the forefront of a wave of synth based bands who dominated the singles and albums charts.

In the 1990s, The Grid - Dave Ball (again) and Richard Norris formed a key act in what was sometimes referred to as Electronica. The Grid were managed at the time (1992) by David Enthoven who had also managed King Crimson and Roxy Music from inception for many years and by now with a Sylvian/Fripp remix among their producing credits, it is no surprise that the duo and Fripp were keen to see if mutual recordings would produce interesting results.

The resulting Fripp recordings provided material for much of The Grid's second album ‘456’ and their follow-up album ‘Evolver’. A few years ago, The Grid rediscovered tapes from these sessions, including unreleased tracks they'd worked up but never completed or mixed. Further Fripp soundscapes from the same period were added to the mix by David Singleton, which inspired The Grid to add new synths, drums, programming and effects to create "Leviathan".