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LP - The National - First Two Pages Of Frankenstein

LP - The National - First Two Pages Of Frankenstein

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1 LP - Indie Red Vinyl 

American rock band The National present their ninth studio album, First Two Pages of Frankenstein. Anchored by evocative melodies and an enthralling lyrical narrative, it signals a thrilling new chapter in the band’s beloved discography. Channeling the group’s natural chemistry, this 11-song album beautifully balances elegant musicality with the National’s more idiosyncratic impulses. “To me the power of this record has to do with the intentionality and structure of the music meeting with a lot of accidental magic,” says Aaron Dessner.

 First Two Pages of Frankenstein was produced by The National at Long Pond Studios in upstate New York and features guest appearances by Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens.

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