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The Residents - Triple Trouble - BluRay

The Residents - Triple Trouble - BluRay

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Dive deep into the psyche of Randall "Junior" Rose (Dustin York), son of a recently deceased rock star and a former priest who has lost faith in the church. Convinced that a fungus is a threat to humanity, and accompanied by his only friend Cherry, an AI enhanced drone (voiced by Isabelle Barbier), Junior slowly gathers evidence to support his bizarre theory, spiraling out of control in the process.

  • Features original music (and some 'familiar themes') by The Residents with Eric Drew Feldman; a soundtrack album of the same name, featuring seven suites of film music and dialogue.
  • 'Triple Trouble' features footage from the group's rarely seen abandoned film project Vileness Fats (originally filmed between 1972 and 1976).

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