The Revillos - Stratoplay The Box Set - 6CD

The Revillos - Stratoplay The Box Set - 6CD

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6 Cd

After Scotland's finest punk hit combo The Rezillos splintered at the end of 1978, singers Fay Fife and Eugene Reynolds continued their mission for melding kitsch 60s pop with new wave energy via their new band The Revillos.

Compiled with the full involvement of Eugene and Fay, "Stratoplay" is The Revillos' most comprehensive retrospective to date. Both of their original studio albums are included with all the relevant non-album A- and B-sides - and both mixes of their second album "Attack!" are presented for total completeness.

In addition to various BBC radio sessions, the band's later singles for Aura and EMI are joined by later live and studio recordings from the 1990s, while Disc 6 combines two previously unissued, lo-fi recordings of the band in their early 80s heyday, captured on stage in two contrasting settings: Colchester Institute and the New York City Ritz. Sleevenotes by Scottish journalist Tim Barr (with contributions from Eugene and Fay) and colourful packaging which replicates all the original album artwork make this the ultimate tribute to a landmark band.