Toto - IV - CD

Toto - IV - CD

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 TOTO's biggest selling album. Winner of 6 Grammy Awards .

Includes the hit singles 'Africa', 'Rosanna' and 'I Won't Hold You Back' / 12 page full-colour booklet, 2,500 word essay and enhanced artwork. The musicianship was impeccable, showcasing talent beyond belief, of an apparently altogether otherworldly nature.

Achieving sales in excess of triple platinum and notching up a eye-popping six Grammy awards, it also spawned three huge global hit singles, namely ‘Africa’, ‘Rosanna’ and ‘I Won’t Hold You Back’, songs that epitomise the band’s pre-cise and concise style.

It was a triumph of incredible proportions for a group that had been written off by so many and, with bitchy cruelty, labelled a faceless bunch of session musicians. It is without doubt the most important AOR album of all time.