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TV Priest - My Other People - LP

TV Priest - My Other People - LP

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LOSER EDITION - coloured vinyl

Without a brutal evaluation of their own becoming, TV Priest might have never made their second album.

Heralded as the next big thing in post-punk, they were established as a bolshy, sharp-witted outfit, the kind that starts movements with their political ire. There was of course truth in that, but it was a suit that quickly felt heavy on its wearer's shoulders, leaving little room for true vulnerability. Having made music together since their teenage years, the London four-piece piqued press attention in late 2019 with their first gig as a newly solidified group, a raucous outing in the warehouse district of Hackney Wick.

When their debut album "Uppers" arrived in the height of a global pandemic, it reaped praise from critics and fans alike for its "dystopian doublespeak". The tension between existential fear born from the constant uncertainties of life, and an armative, cathartic urge to seize the moment, is central to "My Other People", a record that heals by providing space for recognition, a ground zero in which you're welcome to stay awhile but which ultimately only leads up and out. For TV Priest, it is a follow-up that feels truly, properly them; free of bravado, unnecessary bluster or any audience pressure to commit solely to their original sound.

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