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USED 5CD - Simeon Ten Holt - Solo Piano Music Volumes 1-V

USED 5CD - Simeon Ten Holt - Solo Piano Music Volumes 1-V

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5 CDs - In excellent condition

This 5CD compilation is dedicated to Ten Holt’s music for piano, an instrument that dominates his output and which for him contained all the possibilities he needed as a composer.

Undoubtedly the most famous work featured is Canto Ostinato – a piece of stretched tones and fixed parts which, depending on the amount of repetition/phrasing/emphasis and volume as determined by the individual performer, provides for an almost endless range of performances.

The process of listening to this music is similar to that of experiencing a ritual, and the same can be said of the other works on the compilation: Natalon in E, Aforisme II, the four Solos Devils Dances and Eadem Sed Aliter, the latter of which demands a high level of skill through the ‘two sixteenths’ separation between the left and right hand.

Performing these works is the acclaimed Dutch pianist Jeroen van Veen, a Brilliant Classics regular who is one of Ten Holt’s biggest advocates.

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