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Vollmer - Get Your Hands Dirty - CD

Vollmer - Get Your Hands Dirty - CD

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This album was a joy to make.  Although I spent the whole winter of 2016/17 learning the cover songs (some of them, like “If You Need Me” were very difficult to sing) we only spent a little over four days recording the tracks, so as to get a very “live” feel.   All the players involved are seasoned musicians  and singers.  Gavin Brown has played for Big Sugar, Sarah Harmer, Great Big Sea, and the Skydiggers.  Sean Kelly plays guitar for Nelly Furtado, Gilby Clark, Lee Aaron, Alan Frew, and many others.  Daryl Gray plays for Helix.  Cheryl and Matt both have their own albums out.  They are very well known in K-W area blues circles.  Cheryl has been singing on the Ontario/Michigan circuit since the 70’s when she was a member of Long John Baldry’s band.

 Most of the cover songs on this disc I have a personal connection to;  hence the reason I picked them.  I also picked songs that were a little under the radar, ie. Superlungs.  Superlungs was a huge hit in England back in the day.   Terry Reid, who sang and played the original version, was at one time considered for the Led Zepplin front man job.  The two originals on the disc, When the Bitter’s Got the Better of You & Get Yer Hands Dirty were songs written by Sean & myself, although without Gavin’s stellar arrangement for the latter song I don’t think it would have come close to it’s potential.   Hence Gavin being on the song as a writer.  Well deserved.

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