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Waylon Jennings: The Journey: Six Strings Away - USED 6CD

Waylon Jennings: The Journey: Six Strings Away - USED 6CD

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6 CD Box - USED - VERY GOOD BOX - Book and CDs - Mint - out of print

The second volume of Bear Family's chronicle of Waylon Jennings' pre-Outlaw recordings begins in June 1968, taking the story to the end of 1972. Here Waylon Jennings develops some of the pivotal personal and musical relationships of his life, with Shel Silverstein, Billy Joe Shaver, Bobby Bare, and of course with his wife, Jessi Colter. The pace of hits was picking up. 

Waylon Jennings hit the charts with songs he would feature throughout his career such as MacArthur Park, The Taker, Good Hearted Woman, Pretend I Never Happened, as well as his own Lonesome
And Mean. This set also features complete early albums, including 'Jewels,' 'Just To Satisfy You,' 'The Taker/Tulsa,' 'Singer Of Sad Songs,' 'Cedartown, Georgia,' 'Good Hearted Woman,' and 'Ladies Love Outlaws.'

The 60-page hardcover-book includes an essay from Waylon Jennings' official biographer, Lenny Kaye. "Waylon was beginning to see that it wasn't just an individual producer that stood between him and his musical realization," Lenny Kaye writes. "Rather, the weight of Nashville tradition was wedged like a stone in his particular passway. You either had to climb over the barricade or blow it
up."  Here, Waylon Jennings begins to do both

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