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LP - Weather Station - How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars

LP - Weather Station - How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars

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1 Lp - Limited "Translucent Haze" vinyl

The new Weather Station album "How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars" is an introspective record of songs which were written alongside that appeared on her 2021 smash record, "Ignorance".

It is intended not to be a follow up, but to be a companion piece, a piece of reflection and quiet, meant to hold stillness in the aftermath. It was recorded live, as a performance; an improvisation, with a beautiful band of musicians drawn from the Toronto jazz scene.

"When I wrote Ignorance, it was a time of intense creativity, and I wrote more songs than I ever had in my life. The songs destined to be on the album were clear from the beginning, but as I continued down my writing path, songs kept appearing that had no place on the album I envisioned."

She continues, "I imagined it as a record of ballads; simple, pure, almost naive, but speaking to many of the same realities as Ignorance does. I see the two albums as two halves of the same coin; the moon and sun, a photograph and a photonegative. "

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