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Will Oldham with D.V. DeVincentis - Slow Fade - 5CD AUDIOBOOK

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5 Cd

 Audio book, a reading of Rudolph Wurlitzer's 1984 Hollywood-and-elsewhere opus, Slow Fade. Reading the text are Will Oldham and his good friend D.V. DeVincentis, who has worked in Hollywood writing and producing films all of his adult life. Slow Fade is the portrait of Wesley Hardin, whose life has been devoted to manipulations of all kinds: cinematic images, conference table negotiations, actors, technicians, and even (and especially) those closest to him. Slow Fade is by turns spare and eloquent; dryly humorous and darkly savage, a deeply informed novel about the unshakably transient worlds of the movies and rock and roll, as well as a rowdy account of the cultural and generational pas de deux that occurred throughout the 1970s: a dance that must occur when the torch passes through every generation.